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Measuring & Diagnostic Equipment

IMEX LX22G Green Crossline Laser Level 012-LX22G



The Imex LX22G crossline laser features ultra-bright green beam technology with one horizontal and one vertical line, plumb up and plumb down. Series II features an all-new sturdy magnetic bracket enabling quick release of the laser without screws to hold it in place. The new 5.2Ah lithium battery pack gives you plenty of run time to keep up with your busy day on site, featuring USB-C fast charge. Locally calibrated and tough to withstand the knocks and bumps on site, the LX22G Series II has rubberised housing for a comfortable, non-slip grip.
• NEW quick release magnetic bracket – no screws to hold laser in place
• NEW 5.2Ah lithium battery pack – swaps to all LX series II models
• NEW rugged housing with non-slip rubberised moulding
• High visibility green beam technology
• Plumb up, plumb down
• 1 horizontal, 1 vertical line
• Pulse mode for detector
• Self levelling
• Self levelling range: 4° ± 1
• Out of level indication: laser blinks on/off
• Laser lines / dots: 1 vertical, 1 horizontal line, plumb up/down dots
• Laser wavelength: 635 ± 10 nm
• Laser distance: 10m light-dependent
• Laser distance with optional detector: 50m
• Power source: 5.2 Ah lithium ion
• Charging type: USB-C
• Run time – both beams: 10 hrs
• Control switch: 1 button, Pendulum lock
• Laser unit
• Wall bracket
• 5.2Ah Lithium Battery
• Hard carry case

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